QuickBooks Error 1904

How to Fix QuickBooks Error 1904?

QuickBooks Error 1904 occurs due to a damaged file or an incorrect location of the file. In addition, QuickBooks error 1904 happens during QuickBooks software installation. This all happens because when updating the PC’s operating system the required components do not sync up. QuickBooks Error 1904 appears with the message [file path / name / extension] failed to register. The message also tells the recipient there is no need to worry because there is no harm to his or her financial data and company reports.

Why does QuickBooks Error 1904 Occur?

Many reasons can cause QB to display message Error 1904. Some of them can be found below-

  • Defective component to Microsoft.
  • It has installed a new Windows OS on the device.
  • QB installer file doesn’t work or gets damaged.
  • The error can also occur when a user updates versions of QuickBooks.
  • Security software does not require QuickBooks installation.
  • The user lacks the permissions necessary for installing QB on Windows.

What are QuickBooks 1904 Error Symptoms?

Following are the symptoms of QuickBooks Error 1904-

  • QuickBooks can not be installed by user.
  • QuickBooks 1904 Error pops up on the screen.
  • Windows sometimes hangs or crashes.
  • Computer responds slowly to inputs from user.

Solutions to Fix QuickBooks Error 1904

The effective solution mentioned below will surely help you get rid of QuickBooks Error 1904:

Solution 1 – Use QB Install Diagnostic tool

  • Choose Ignore in the error message window, and then proceed to complete QB installation.
  • You don’t need to open QB now but you can restart your PC.
  • Download and run QB Install Diagnostic Tool.
  • Reboot your PC, once again.
  • Overall, open QuickBooks and see if you could work.
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Solution 2 – Troubleshoot Windows Components

Whenever, during case, the QB Install Diagnostic Tool was not used to fix Error 1904, you have to repair different Windows components. Take into account that, whether you are an experienced Windows user or an IT experienced, you can only resolve Windows components.

To troubleshoot Windows components, you have to –

You have to-to fix Windows components
Repair or reinstall MS .. NET Framework.
See if you can install QB and open it after you have troubleshooted Windows components.

Solution 3-Modify Windows Account Settings

  • First, you will turn to your Windows Administrator account.
  • Go to File Explorer.
  • Navigate to Common Files now on the C drive under Program Files.
  • Click Popular Files right-click here.
  • Select Properties from the list which appears.
  • Choose Security tab Edit.
  • Go to the name section-community or user names-and select Users.
  • Look now for the named section – User Permissions – and turn on the necessary permissions – Modify, Read and Execute, List folder content, Read, Write content.
  • Click the Apply tab, and press OK.
  • QuickBooks Download. Sign out of admin account via Start menu after installation.
  • You log in to your usual user account after that.
  • Click Start in screen at the bottom left.
  • Type the words in the search field-CMD. As an administrator run CMD.
  • Type “net user administrator /active: no” in the CMD window, and tap Enter. Your admin account gets covered.
  • If you can open QuickBooks with your normal / current account, this means that QuickBooks Error 1904 has been fixed.

QuickBooks Error 1904

Solutions 4-Add QB to the exclusion list for Bitdefender

If you use Bitdefender in case, now you can not fix this error by simply deactivating it. What you have to do is add QB to the Bitdefender’s ignore list.

  • If you are using a 32-bit Windows OS in the case, then you must put C:\Program Files\Common Files in the list of exclusions.
  • If you use a 64-bit Windows OS in this case, you must put C:\Program Files\Intuit (C:\Program Files(x86)\Intuit).

Solution 5-Uninstall Adobe Flash Player and reinstall it

If, during the installation of Adobe Flash Player, QuickBooks Error 1904 appears on the screen, then follow these steps-

  • Download and run QB Install Diagnostic Tool.
  • Click Start menu button.
  • Type the words in the search field-Control Panel.
  • Tap to open Control Panel.
  • Now, go to the system Uninstall.
  • Look up Adobe Flash Player ActiveX in the list of programs.
  • You need to opt for Uninstall.
  • Follow the instructions, and complete the uninstall.
  • Install, and reinstall Adobe Flash Player.

You must be able to fix QuickBooks Error Code 1904, by implementing the above solutions. But if you are unable to implement any of the above fixes, or if you are unable to resolve QuickBooks Error 1904, call us now at our toll-free QuickBooks Error Tech Support 1-000-000-0000 (Toll-Free) to get quick fix. But we’re here to help you Fix Common QuickBooks Error. Use this link to get the most recent QuickBooks Errors.