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How to Fix QuickBooks Error Code C=51?

QuickBooks is an excellent accounting software that has established its place in recent times. With the features of this application, there are some errors that may be faced by QB users. QuickBooks Error Code C=51 is one such error. We are trying to discuss about this error and other information connected with it in today’s post. In order to notify the user when QuickBooks can’t locate TxList, QuickBooks error code C=51 appears on the computer. Sometimes, when the user is trying to delete the transactions from a report, this error code appears. When operating on transactions in the QuickBooks company file (.qbw), the user ends up with this sort of mistake. If you are still facing some such error, then it may help you to read this article first.

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What is QuickBooks Error Code C=51?

Basically, the QuickBooks error code C=51 means that the QuickBooks software could not locate the TxList. This error is visible when the user tries to delete the txList from the list of txLists, but is unable to identify it. When the user tries to delete a transaction from some report, it can also be seen. The user needs to shut down this application when the user faces this type of problem. Closing and rebooting all windows, including QuickBooks. The user would also need to replicate the action where the error in C=51 occurred.

Causes of QuickBooks Error Code C=51 

Learning the causes of the error code C=51 makes it easy for users of QuickBooks to fix the issue. The error triggers are listed below. Let us take a look:

  • Some type of verification problems with QuickBooks.
  • Or QuickBooks rebuild error.
  • In the event that business files are impaired.
  • If the QuickBooks database is damaged or disabled, too.
  • Or if there are problems with QuickBooks updating.

Specifications for QuickBooks Error Code C=51

The user is expected to check the requirements for performing out all the troubleshooting process to tackle the problem. In order to rectify the QuickBooks error code C=51, there are three essentials that the user can not manage to skip.
Three of the specifications are:

  • A transaction log file (.TLG- in the same folder as a corrupted QBW file) is the basic requirement.
  • The user should also take a note if the data file for QuickBooks is corrupted (.QBW)
  • And the last important thing is that any older QuickBooks data file backup (.QBW or .QBB or .QBM) is a must.

Techniques for resolving the QuickBooks Error Code C=51

Now that you know the specifications as well as other relevant details, it is time to learn the methods to fix the error. The methods involved To fix QuickBooks Error C=51 are as follows:

Method 1: Updating QuickBooks to the Latest Version

Update QuickBooks desktop

Updating QuickBooks to the latest version is the basic method. The user needs to update to the new version of QuickBooks and check if the error has been fixed. The QuickBooks version sometimes refers to such problems, and it is recommended that the user opt for this option and attempt to fix the problem.

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Method 2: Close all the QuickBooks Processes

End QuickBooks Processes

  • The user needs to close all tabs in QuickBooks for this particular form.
  • And then, all QuickBooks related files should be shut down by the user using the control panel.
  • Reopen the QuickBooks, too, and then do the same job where the mistake occurred.
  • Finally , the user needs to restore the details in the right format.

Method 3: QuickBooks Desktop Checking and Restoring Data

Step 1: Steps to Verify data- 

Running the verify data utility method will allow the user to recognize within the QuickBooks company file the most frequently encountered problem. Running the reconstruction data utility would also allow the user to solve the problems of data integrity.

The user can run the Verify Data utility by performing steps:

Verify Data Utility

And then, when the message “QuickBooks detected no data issues” appears, no further action is required.


Otherwise, if you receive a message “Your data has lost credibility,” it means that there is data damage in the company file of QuickBooks
It is necessary to run the recovery data to repair the error after the user is able to spot the data damage in the file.

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Step 2: Steps to Rebuild Data

The user has to click on the file and utilities section or restore the files. Select the option to restore records, too,


  • After that, when asked to back-up the company register, press the OK button.
  • The next move is to choose the place where you want the backup to be saved and then click OK
  • When the user receives the “Rebuild has ended” notification and then hits OK.


After that, to search for data damage, run the Verify Data utility again. If the error is still found, then search for the help of an expert.

Method 4: Using the QuickBooks File Doctor Tool


To fix the error, the user should make use of the QuickBooks File Doctor tool. This tool can be used via the QuickBooks Tools portal, or can be downloaded from the Intuit website directly. The user needs to run this tool and the error will be automatically diagnosed and fixed.

Method 5: The Backup Files are Restored


To resolve the situation, the user can restore the backup files. Also, it is recommended to use the new QuickBooks version when restoring the backup.

  • The user needs to press Ctrl + C after the backup files are restored and then transfer them to a new folder.
  • The next step is to check the size of the file and make sure it reaches the limit of 6 MB, i.e.
  • The user also needs to right-click and hit properties on the file.
  • If the backup file is less than 6 MB, then the backup file is incorrect.
  • And maybe the user wants to make a backup file again.

Method 6: Verify Access to the Network


Due to network connectivity problems, the error can be seen many times, as the device needs to undergo the downloading process. This could stop the uploading of transactions. Before starting with the download process , the user should check the internet access.

Method 7: Try and Reach Lost or Deleted Transactions 

The user will not be able to locate a transaction or list of transactions from the QuickBooks company file that may have been unavailable or have been incorrectly deleted. The below steps will definitely work in order to restore such deleted or changed transactions:

In the QuickBooks audit trail report, unintentionally deleted or changed transactions may be visible. By re-entering the records, the user can restore those transactions. It should be remembered that the audit trail report shows, along with the removed ones, all the transactions entered in that particular company files. This also helps the user to view any historical modifications made to the transactions. The steps below should be carried out in order to open the report:

  • The user should first open the Reports tab.
  • And then choose the accountant and taxes, and click on the audit trail along with that.


Now, restore the transactions that have been lost as a result of a technical fault.

Many times, due to various technological snags, transactions may be lost or can not be accessed. When the same situation occurs, the user may use the QuickBooks backup file with the (.QBB) extension to try and restore the missing transactions along with their records.

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This drives us towards the end of this article, where we expect the above scribbled details to be of some assistance in getting out of the QuickBooks error code C=51. If none of the above approaches have worked for you, there might be a situation, then we suggest that you contact our QuickBooks desktop support team in that case.

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