Recover QuickBooks Password

How to Recover QuickBooks Password?

Lost your QuickBooks Admin Password and Want to Recover Quickbooks Password? Here See the Steps How to Recover Forgot QuickBooks Admin Password. Computerization is at the top of this modern world, and we are generally in need of online applications and portable/PC programming, etc. In any case, it is troublesome to deal with at the same time, especially when you want to keep your password safe. There are also some programmes that can not be accessed without passwords, and one of them is QuickBooks, the popular software for financing that is used all over the world. QuickBooks allows you to update your password every 90 days and advises you to change your password and to remind you of the expiry date before the end of the 90 days.

QuickBooks Pro accounting software from Intuit makes it easy to manage all your finances with one software package. You can enter the account if you forgot QuickBooks password by answering the security question you set up when you created the password. You can contact Intuit via the QuickBooks app to receive an access code that unlocks your account if you can’t remember the answer to the question. For QB users, it is very important to manage their admin account properly. Well, remembering all this information, we’ve come up with that kind of article where we’re going to talk about the whole QuickBooks Password Admin reset process as well as other users.

How to Reset Quickbooks Password | Recover Forgot Quickbooks Password

Along with QuickBooks Data Recovery, we at QuickBooks Technical support provide you Recover Quickbooks Account Password at very span of time. If you have forgotten your password or lost it because of unexpected circumstances, do not worry. It is possible to recover the password and to restore your data. We have the necessary QuickBooks password recovery software as a Qualified QuickBooks Dealer in the in the USA  to recover QuickBooks passwords from all versions of QuickBooks throughout all versions.

Here are a Few Tricks to Remembering QuickBooks Admin Password as well as other users’

It could be that your keyboard does not work properly. Tab to write any content in another programme.

  • Step 1. The incorrect login screen can also be used by users. This screen asking for a hidden word doesn’t really request the name of the customer, it’s the login screen of the manager. You don’t have access to the administrator, close QuickBooks, and then restart it if the screen goes off.
  • Step 2. It is likely that the password is blank. But, for security reasons, QuickBooks Intuit doesn’t recommend this method. Click OK on the login screen without entering a hidden key. (You can get an empty screen with the Administrator Password for multiple users)
  • Step 3. Settings for access will prevent access to passwords. Click this button.
    Click Start Windows and select the Control Panel option.
    Select Accessibility Options from there.
    There’s no argument that not all tabs can be explored.
  • Step 4. Caps Lock The password was affected by Num Lock.
  • Step 5. Areas cannot be found in passwords.

Recover QuickBooks Password

How to use the QuickBooks Password Reset Tool?

  • Go to the QuickBooks Automated Password Reset Tool.
  • Click the “Versio” button on the QuickBooks version you used most recently.
  • This should be the last version of QuickBooks that you have used to open your company file, and must be enabled on the computer which you are using to reset your password.
  • Press CTRL+1 or F2 to identify what edition of QuickBooks you have. There should be a product details window pop-up. First, find the versions used in the header of the file.
  • You’ll find different codes underneath. A V24 code means you own a 2014 version of QuickBooks, a 2015 date indicates a V25 code, and so on.
  • Fill in your company details and licence number for QuickBooks.
  • When you are finished, click on Send.
  • All information entry must suit Intuit’s system information, including your email account.
  • Only the same address you originally entered will be sent to the email that contains the authentication code.
  • Accept the licence agreement, then press the Download button.

Go back to the QuickBooks Automatic Password Reset Tool and repeat the same procedure to download a new QBPasswordReset.exe file to reset your password to a different QuickBooks Company file.

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Now We will Explain How To Recover Quickbooks Admin Password?

You’re still signed in as a specific user when using QuickBooks Desktop. Normally, the first time you instal and set up QuickBooks, you set up an Admin account. Any other user is normally set up by the Admin. Security updates and other unusual circumstances that occur in such a reset quickbooks password . This story shows you how to reset the QuickBooks desktop password

If you know and want to update your Admin password:

  • Select Company > Set Users and Passwords > Change Your QuickBooks Password when you open your company file.
  • Enter your new admin password in the current password field.
  • Please enter your new password in the New Password field and the Confirm New Password field.

Note: You must select <select> in the Challenge Question field if you want to leave your password blank, and the Answer field must be empty.

  • Click the Ok button.

If you have forgotten your password for QuickBooks Admin, reset that to:

Intuit recommends 2 solutions to this issue if you’ve forgotten or lost your admin password. You may solve the problem with the first solution, or you can need to try both to solve the problem. Perform the solutions in the order shown for the best results.

Using your challenge question to reset your Admin password

  • Click I have forgotten my password on the QuickBooks Desktop login screen
  • Respond to the security question and then press OK.
  • When you see this message, click Close:

Your reply and query password and challenge have been deleted, and your company file is no longer password-protected. When you close this tab, you will be asked to create a new password and select your challenge question and answer it.

  • It opens the Change QuickBooks Password window. Enter a new password and new question for the challenge
  • Press OK. Your file is going to open.

Using a reset code to reset your admin password (access token)

To Reset Admin Password, Go to the QuickBooks Automated Password Reset tool.

  • Go to
  • Select your version of QuickBooks Desktop from the QuickBooks version.

Important: You must instal the version of QuickBooks in which you last opened your company file on the computer that you are using to delete and reset the password.

  • Fill in your licence number and business details for QuickBooks, and then click Send. NOTE: All entered information, including the email address, must match the information on our system. The email that contains the access token will be sent to the same address ONLY.
  • Accept the licence and press the button for Download.
  • Click on the Download Now link on the next screen.

IMPORTANT: Make sure you select Save save it and on your Desktop if it asks you to Run or Save.

  • To open the tool, double-click the QBPasswordReset.exe file that was downloaded.
  • In the Token Number field, enter the token number which you received via email.
  • Choose your version of QuickBooks from the QuickBooks Products drop-down menu
  • Click the Browse for Company File button and select the company file you want your password to be reset to.

Note: If you reset the Accountant’s Copy Working File (.QBA) password, you will have to type *.* in the file name box and press the Enter button. This will allow you to see the .QBA files and select them.

  • In the Current Password and Confirm Password fields, enter your new password.
  • Click the Password Reset button

You should now be able to open QuickBooks and use the new password you have just set to log in to your company file. It is not possible to use the QuickBooks Password Reset.exe file again without completing the verification form again. You must return to the link in step 1 to reset the password on another QuickBooks company file and complete the process again.

You should contact the Data Recovery Experts for advanced and professional help if you are unable to change or reset your QuickBooks password following the measures described above.