QuickBooks Error H101, H202, H303, H505

How to Resolve QuickBooks Error H101, H202, H303, H505?

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Learn How to Fix: The QuickBooks Error Codes H101, H202, and H505 are the most common error codes that arise when a user tries to access company files that are located on another computer and that computer demands additional installation and setup. Users are looking for an easy and simple solution to solve this problem. Here we define all the easy methods to fix these errors. To solve this problem, you need to read the entire blog without skipping any sections. Here is How to Fix QuickBooks Error Codes H101, H202, H303, H505, H606, H707 or H808 & Internet Not Working.

What Causes QuickBooks Errors H101, H202, H303, and H505?

When users open a company file in multi-user mode, an error message appears. The common cause of errors H101, H303, and H505 is when you try to access a corporate file that is in multi-user mode and the system has to install and configure its settings properly. 

Issues of QuickBooks Error Code H101, H202:

  • You May See the Following Error Message on Your Desktop Screen:
  • When QuickBooks users are unable to open a company file because they are unable to connect to a remote server.
  • Configuration or settings for QuickBooks file hosting are incorrect.
  • Examine the items that are damaged or inaccurate. QBs will be able to access company files on a network with the help of ND files configuration.
  • QuickBooks Database Manager is unsuitable with DNS Server.
  • The QuickBooks workstation is unable to communicate with the Host PC IP address is unreachable
  • If your DNS settings are incorrect.
  • QuickBooks services such as QuickBooksDBXX/QBCF are yet to be launched.

Why do QuickBooks Error Codes H101, H303, H505 Occurs?

  • When QuickBooks software attempts to connect to a server to access corporate files but is unable to do so. Other explanations could include:
  • The hosting of configuration files is entirely incorrect.
  • When communication enters or leaves a firewall, it is blocked.ND files are corrupted or inaccurate.
  • The firewall ports in QB were not correctly configured.
  • A QB application’s DNS settings are incorrect.
  • QuickBooks services are not properly started.
  • The difficulty of acquiring a system’s IP address.
  • All of the hosting configuration settings are incorrect.
  • There’s a potential that your QB services aren’t working properly.
  • When QuickBooks software tries to establish a connection to access company files but it is unable to communicate with the server. Other reasons might be as:

Solutions of QuickBooks Error Code H101 :

There are multiple solutions available for this error but these are the recommended troubleshooting solutions that you can follow and fix your issue effortlessly.

Method First: Verify QuickBooks Services

  • Initially, open the Run Box by pressing the Windows Key + R button on your keyboard.
  • type of service. MSc on the same and press the Enter key.
  • Browse and scroll down to look for the QuickBooks DBXX service in the service window.
  • Check if the startup type and service status are running or not.
  • If not, make certain that it is operational.
  • Hit the Recovery tab on the same
  • Select the drop-down menu
  • so that you can select to restart the service for the first failure.
  • If it fails to restart, then it is required to do so for the second time and also for the subsequent failures.
  • Click Ok to save the setting for a change.
  • Once again, you have to repeat the entire set of above steps for the QBCF monitor service.
  • In the end, open QuickBooks once again on all workstations and try in multi-user mode.

Method Second: Verify Hosting

 Install QuickBooks on all of your workstation’s computers.

  • Then, on each system, go to File and select Utility Access to multi-user host.
  • If it’s already there, there’s no need to alter anything. Then go to the Multi-user Access menu and pick the Stop Hosting tab.
  • Finally, repeat the aforementioned steps across all systems.

Method Third:  Build a New Folder For Your Company File

  • Create a new folder on the hosting machine and share it.
  • To receive the entry for sharing company files, set windows to get it.
  • The “.qbw file” must be copied to the new folder.

Method Fourth: Running QuickBooks File Doctor Tool

The QB File Doctor tool aids in the detection of the error. It also successfully resolves QuickBooks issues. You can install the QuickBooks File Doctor utility on your computer and execute it when it has been installed. In this manner, the tool will accomplish its goal of resolving error code H101.

Methods of QuickBooks Error H202

Check out the following solutions steps to fix error H202:

Solution One: Use the QuickBooks Database Server Manager (QBDSM)

  • Users navigate to a server system that has physically stored the QuickBooks Company File.
  • Check the server machine system hosting the QuickBooks company file enter the Start icon and type in the database.
  • In any situation where no folder locations are shown tab the chrome icon and search for the QB folder where company files are stored.
  • Users enter on the ok button
  • Enter the Start Scan option.
  • Once the process is completed enter the Close option and later attempt to open QuickBooks applications in Multi-User mode on one or more workstations.

Step to fix QuickBooks Error H303?

To fix this error issue, we provide you with all alternative solutions.

First step: To repair this error, install the QuickBooks File doctor with these steps:

  • Firstly, the user must be sure that QuickBooks is installed on the server with the proper configuration.
  • After getting the confirmation, run the QuickBooks File Doctor. It will automatically scan your all QuickBooks error and fix them.
  • You are resolving all of the issues with (QuickBooks Multi-User Hosting).
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Second Step: Change the Settings of the QuickBooks Folder Location 

  • First of all, create a new folder.
  • Users need to set and access the share window access permission. So users can easily access to share all the company files.
  • Mark and copy to the QB folder and paste the copied file into a new folder.
  • Users are all set to run the company file in multi-user mode.

Third Step: Make new Settings with Firewall Authentication

  • In your open window, click on the “control panel” and mark the “Firewall authentication” settings.
  •  users have to select Allow a program through the firewall.
  •  go to the exception list and choose “Add Programs” and “Add QuickBooks 20xx.
  • After the completion of the whole process, restart your QuickBooks to verify the new changes.

Fourth Step: Check your QuickBooks Settings Whether it is Correct or not

  • First of all, users open their QuickBooks in multi-user mode operation.
  • You need to select the folders on both systems.
  • Enter the file option and go with the Utilities option and mark on Stop Hosting Multi-user configuration.
  • Enter on Turn on hosting from any of the systems. Again go to the utilities then use the Host Multi-user configuration.
  • Users restart their computers on both systems with new configuration settings.
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Solutions to Fix QuickBooks Error H505

Below given are some recommended solutions that can resolve error H505 easily.

Solution One: Make a new Company File Folder

  • First, users need to generate a ‘Replacement folder’ on the hosting system  Now share the original folder and Windows access permissions to share the company files
  • In case users do not have access to the digital system then, Contact a skilled IT professional it will be helpful to you 
  • Now users can open the Company file.

Solution Two: Open Network Ports that QuickBooks uses to transmit knowledge 

  • Go to the Windows Firewall Settings, and enter on right-click on Windows Options to enter the instrument panel.
  • Pick-up Window Firewall Advanced Settings 
  • Go to left and right-click Outbound Rules and choose New Rule.
  • Press on ports and press next.
  • Enter next and choose the Allow the Connection option.
  • Click Next to type in your name in the name field, and press Finish.
  • Now go to the multi-user mode again and open QuickBooks.

Turn-on Network Discovery

  • First, users open the control panel and press on System and Security
  • Press on Windows Firewall
  • In the left pane, visit the Click permit associate application feature on Windows Firewall If users are on Windows server 2012
  • Press Modification tab
  • Pickup the Network Discovery option and Press the OK button.

Know the name of your server

  • Open the RUN command, and enter on Windows Key + R. Type the CMD and enter button. 
  • Click  config/all, and enter the ok tab 
  • In the IP Configuration check the Hostname section. 
  • Users can see the server name on the right
  • Save and move to the next option 

Solution Three: Check hosting and Services

Verify hosting

  • Users Open QuickBooks on every workstation. This is not the server or the hosting computer system. 
  • Users choose the File and the Utility option.
  • If users see Host Multi-user access on the list, then this system is not hosting the company file.
  • If you see Host Multi-user access at the workstation, then you can move on to the next PC. This does not change anything.
  • Users Stop Hosting the Multi-User Access, and press on that option.
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Verify QuickBooks Services-

  • First, bring up the RUN box, and press Windows Key + R.
  • Type “MSC” and click Enter.
  • Check the services window, users need to scroll down and search for the QuickBooksDBXX service.

Click the Recovery tab

  • To save changes, press OK.
  • For the QBCFMonitorService, you need to repeat the steps above, providing steps 1-6.
  • Next, open QuickBooks in a multi-user mode on each affected digital computer.
  • Users need to create the  QuickBooksDBXX service 
  • To get the administrator cluster acceptable permissions.

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