How to Transfer QuickBooks Data to MS Excel Files?

Here we will explain How to import or export QuickBooks data with MS excel files? The search ends here, as this piece of writing is a fully loaded one which will inform you of all the steps involved in importing or exporting files from MS excel. Customers, suppliers, products, and account charts can be easily imported from an Excel sheet. In comparison, tons of options that are available for importing Excel files from QuickBooks.
In order to import or export MS Excel files, we will discuss each of the steps that can be followed today. Be sure to stick around the post till the end to understand more.

Possibilities for importing MS-excel files from QuickBooks desktop

In terms of importing Excel files, there are a couple of possibilities. We have mentioned below the best options that will definitely work in your favor. Let us jump in to further discuss one by one each of the options:

Steps 1: Regular importing Option

It should be remembered that the QuickBooks accounting software opens a formatted excel spreadsheet where the data can be accessed. When the user saves and closes the file, QuickBooks will check the results and display the data. The steps below can be taken into account in order to import clients, suppliers and products being purchased:

The first method is to pass to the file menu and also select the section for utilities and choose to import and enter excel files.

Import or Export QuickBooks Data

  • Now, if the user gets the window for adding/editing multiple checklist items, it is recommended to click on No
  • The user can follow the guide when importing files to step forward.
  • The user should choose the data form under this,
  • Formatted excel file can open with QuickBooks.
  • Once the user has entered the data, saved and closed the file, he/she will be given the option to add my details now.
  • Now, in QuickBooks, analyze results and display data.
  • Once finished, select close.

It should be remembered that, and use this option, if the user wants to import specific customer, seller, or item data from excel, he/she can always move back to this window.

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Steps for Importing an Account Map

Import or Export QuickBooks Data

The most important thing to remember, before importing, is to create a backup of the company file. The steps that will be taken under this method are as follows:

  • First of all, the user can navigate to the list menu and select the account chart as well.
  • After that, select the drop-down account and also choose the Excel import.
  • When done, select Browse to choose the excel file that you want to import.
  • The user must now select the file and also choose to open it.
  • The user must then opt for an excel sheet where the information to be imported is present.
  • Go ahead, the user must map the accounts
  • Account mapping shows QuickBooks how to import data from the Excel file. The column headings in QuickBooks may differ from others in Excel, so the user has to balance both.
  • Here, in a mapping name, the user needs to type first
  • And then, select the account as the form of import,
  • After that, qualify the information with the column headings in the excel sheet under QuickBooks followed by the save options.

Steps 2: Advanced import

Import or Export QuickBooks Data

In the case of products
In case that the user is importing items that does not have an excel or CSV file, the user should follow the following tasks.

Important Points to Remember

  • It should be noted that the volume on hand, the value on hand, or the average cost of existing inventory items can not be changed.
  • The user may also set up a quantity on hand and a value on hand for new inventory items and set estimated prices as well.
  • QuickBooks also provides a quantity value change on hand to debit the asset account of the item and credit opening balance equity credit.
  • If the user wants to import products quantities or values advanced inventory and multiple inventory sites enabled, before importing, multiple inventory sites must be disabled.
  • It is recommended to back up the QuickBooks company file before importing the information without overwriting any previous backups.
  • In fact, subtotal, payment, and sales tax products can not be imported via the advanced import function, but can be imported into the IIF format.


It is believed that towards the end of this post, one might successfully import or export MS excel files or transaction list on the QuickBooks desktop.  You can, therefore, connect with our QuickBooks enterprise support team and accounting specialists today for more assistance! Our technically proficient experts can ensure that all your queries are answered immediately. Get in Touch with us by QuickBooks Enterprise Support Number +1-844-583-0066  for Common QuickBooks Pro Errors.