QuickBooks Desktop Payroll Software 2020 Easy Payroll Set-up with Self-Setting Employees

The payroll process, as an employee, seems like a piece of cake. You wait until your paycheck deposit is made every second Friday, and that is it! Yet payroll is far more complicated from an employer perspective.

More falls into payroll than meets the eye, such as making sure the business is set up for payroll taxes, correctly tracking all the tax details for the employee and keeping on top of paydays. Thankfully, accounting software programs like QuickBooks have payroll features and plenty of tools to help you understand how the payroll works and what your payroll duties are. (We do have some fantastic payroll tools like our full Small Business Payroll Guide).

As an accountant, you are the trusted advisor to your clients, recommending products and services that save time and money to support their company. If you want to keep your customers payroll compliant, offering this service is probably not a major source of income for your company. QuickBooks Desktop Payroll Software must, however, apply their payroll taxes and file reports for them in accordance with a penalty-free guarantee.

Recently, Intuit announced an investment in mid-market, or complex, fast-growing businesses – like the QuickBooks Desktop. As a Certified ProAdvisor, you are eligible for 20 per cent off MSRP preferred rates for the lifetime of Assisted Payroll services, in addition to the multiple service benefits included.

Payroll data Automatically Entered in QuickBooks

Recommending QuickBooks Desktop Supported payroll can reduce busy work and help build your customers relationship. Remember the amount of work involved in writing journal entries to help you to balance the bank account if they are using another payroll provider. In comparison, this information is automatically reported when the payroll is processed, by using Assisted Payroll. Assisted Payroll’s “all in QuickBooks” nature allows all parties to have rich advanced payroll monitoring, job costing, and less work.

US Onboarding Assistance

The onboarding team based in the U.S. at Intuit is committed to optimizing the client ‘s initial setup process1. You do have options; if you want to handle the payroll system of the company, help them process and still get the taxes paid by QuickBooks, you can do that too! Attach yourself to the account as an admin, and you have the option to self-print W-2s at the end of the year or get them done for you for an extra fee.

Easy Payroll Set-up with Employee Self Set-up

QuickBooks Desktop Pro, Premier, Accountant 2020 or Enterprise 20.0 are required for this feature. This feature is available only in the United States, it is NOT available in either Canada or the UK. The feature will be rolled out to new users of QuickBooks Desktop Basic and Enhanced Payroll Subscription, which will later become available to existing Basic / Enhanced Payroll Subscribers using QuickBooks 2020 devices. Using QuickBooks 2019 and 2018, it will become available to existing Basic / Enhanced Payroll subscribers some time later. This functionality is not available for either Supported or Full Service QuickBooks Payroll and we have not been told by Intuit if it will be in future at any time.