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Here How to Install QuickBooks Desktop Pro 2020? Keep organized and simplify your life, in QuickBooks Pro Desktop find everything in one place, including pending things, bills to pay and notes from your accountant. Use the ‘Pay Now’ link in invoices to make you pay online through credit card or bank transfer. Check out how to show income & loss reports, top customer lists, and more in a single click. Select your download of QuickBooks Desktop Pro 2020 below.

Pros & Cons

  • QuickBooks Desktop Pro interacts very well with other applications, especially products from Microsoft.
  • Learning and using it is pretty simple, I have never come across any bugs with it.
  • QuickBooks does have the connotation of “small business.” I’m not a programmer but a large-scale accounting solution wouldn’t be my first preference.
  • I’ve seen slicker user interfaces for other applications, but to be honest that is not really a big factor in my mind when considering accounting software.

How to Install QuickBooks Desktop Pro 2021 in 10 Easy Steps

If you haven’t installed QuickBooks 2020 already, get it done right now and follow these ten easy steps:

  1. Turn PC on.

Search and turn the power switch on the monitor. Depending on which version of Windows (Windows 7, 8, or 10) you are using, your screen can look a little different from the figures here. By the way, I do use Windows 10. (Not that you care or that it matters.)

If you are installing QuickBooks on a computer running a Windows professional or business version, you may need to sign in as both an administrator and an administrator rights user. Windows security features allow an administrator to install the QuickBooks program in the business versions of the Windows operating systems.

  1. Download the app QuickBooks, and press Next.

You likely bought QuickBooks directly from the Intuit website. If so, Windows can ask you to run the Install Shield Wizard (another program) after you download the app, which begins the QuickBooks installer. Eventually, Windows displays a tiny message box that tells you Welcome to QuickBooks Desktop.

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  1. Identify that you approve the licensing agreement with QuickBooks, and then press Next.

Before the installation software QuickBooks starts, QuickBooks asks if you want to follow the rules, as described in detailed depth in the onscreen licensing agreement. If you do — and you have to agree to install the program — select the I Support License Agreement Terms check box (but only because I do not have any other choice) and then press Next.

Install QuickBooks Desktop Pro 2020

  1. Provide the License and Product Numbers and then click Next.

When the License and Product Numbers window appears enter these two bits of licensing information (they should be written on a yellow sticker at the back of the CD sleeve or shown on the purchase receipt window if you downloaded the software) and then click Next.

  1. Describe any network sharing you plan.

When the Customized and Network Options with another, decide whether you can share the data file from QuickBooks over a network. Most small enterprises do not. If your company is in this situation, simply indicate, upon request, that you can only use QuickBooks on the device you are installing the software on.

However, you may have a few other choices depending on which QuickBooks version you are downloading. You can install QuickBooks on your computer and make the QuickBooks data available to other computers on the internet, or you can miss installing the QuickBooks software but save the QuickBooks data file on your computer.

  1. Select the installation location and then click next.

When the Update Location Upgrade or Change window appears, press the Next button to use the new location of the Intuit build. (For 999 of 1,000 users the default install location is fine.) You don’t have to choose the location for the expected installation. Instead, you can decide to have the QuickBooks program and data files stored somewhere else. I’m not thinking about this choice here because most people don’t (and shouldn’t) want to make this customization options. What’s more, if you’re someone who can easily configure the location settings for the QuickBooks download, you don’t need my help finding out how this update works.

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  1. Select Install to continue installation.

At long last, the installation software tells you that it is ready to start as soon as you press Update. Click the Update tab. The installation of QuickBooks Desktop begins.

While the installer runs, a small bar indicates your progress.

  1. Taking just a few minutes to consider the meaning of life, or have a glass of tea.
  2. Click Open QuickBooks after the Install software ends.

Congratulations, Mr. Boss. The installation is complete. On your screen, you have a new item on the Program menu, and possibly new shortcuts.

  1. Switch QuickBooks on.

The system prompts you to activate QuickBooks the very first time you open QuickBooks. Activation essentially means telling QuickBooks who you really are. If QuickBooks can guess your identity by using your computer’s old product registration records, it simply asks you to confirm that your guess is correct. Otherwise, you need to jump through some hoops and provide additional information that identifies you.

You’ll probably want QuickBooks registered before you start using it.

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