QuickBooks File Doctor

Fix Company File and Network issues with QuickBooks File Doctor

QuickBooks File Doctor is a tool design for cover up your damaged company files and help solve some of your network problems. This is a simple software to fix certain types of file and data corruption. Windows setup issues, network setup problems. QuickBooks File can test your network and help resolve your network problems that affect QuickBooks. QuickBooks comes with a great set of security features. QuickBooks production tools are housed on secure servers, while QuickBooks Online uses password-protected login, firewalls, and encryption technology to ensure data remains safe

Through this blog, we will discuss the detailed steps to How to Download Quickbooks File Doctor  and run the File Doctor tool to resolve various problems that you might face while using the QuickBooks Desktop application. QuickBooks is extensively used among small and medium-sized businesses as it provides consumer-centric solutions for accounting and related business processes. QuickBooks File Doctor is the best tool for resolve any kind of errors that are find in accounting software. 

There are many reasons why users should Download QuickBooks File Doctor and host it on their system. Provide cloud-based integration, users can access the file from anywhere at any time or share the file with multiple users.

The cloud-based service of QB gives multiple-user access on a single host. With the help of QuickBooks, a businessman can manage their accounting-related tasks such as bill payment, creating payroll, sending customized invoices, calculating taxes, setting reminders for future payments, tracking  for their business and much more.

Basic Information About the Built-in QuickBooks File Doctor :

  • It works in the US, CA, and UK versions of QuickBooks.
  • It is use for file and data repair. 
  • Its  necessary to install QuickBooks.
  • Use for network and diagnostic repair.
  • The built-in QBFD supports Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, and Server 2003-2012.


QuickBooks File Doctor


How to Download QuickBooks File Doctor ?

Check -Out the Steps:

  • Users visit the website to download the QuickBooks File Doctor.
  • Need to open the “qbfd.exe file” to download the tool on their system.
  • The installation is complete, the QuickBooks File Doctor tool automatically opens it in your chrome .
  • Users visit the official website to download the QuickBooks File Doctor.
  • Users need to open the “qbfd.exe file” to download the tool on their system.
  • The installation is complete, the QuickBooks File Doctor tool automatically opens it in your chrome .
  • Tool does not show up.
  • Go to the Start menu.
  • Tab on the tool icon to open it. 
  • QB File Doctor. Use  drop-down list to find the company to cover up the error,
  •  Users can  use the Chrome option to search for the file.
  • Choose the company file in the search bar,
  • Users is require to select the option in the Hide Advanced Settings option to place it below according to the damage and errors. 

QuickBooks File Doctor – Fix Company File & Network Errors

  • Both file are damage or network connectivity issue :

Check this option as well if users are experiencing file damage or network connectivity issues with the company file.

  • Check Only File Damage:

If users found these errors like(6150, -6000-82, -6000-305, -6000-301, -6147, or -6130).This step easily fix your issues.

  • Check out network connectivity :

The option is recommend for users for select  there network connectivity errors like H202, H303, or H505 errors.

  • Enter Admin password .
  • Users will see an option to update the file with the latest version if users are using QuickBooks 2011 or an older version.
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Note Upgrading is optional, you can move further by clicking on “Next”.

It is recommend not to upgrade the QB version in the first attempt.Users should update it.

  • The QB File  finds the errors that take some time.
  • Show scanning  errors, QB File discovers errors  and diagnose it on its own self.
  • If repair is successfully complete.
  • Next users will get an option to open your restore file directly from the tool. 
  • Users use with multiple versions of QuickBooks File Doctor,
  • The tool ask you which software version require to be open

Note If the tool says the repair was unsuccessful, reopen the QB file and check if the problem is gone or not.  

  • The errors are coverup,
  • users can close the QB file doctor tool.
  • Try to open the QB Company file. 

The QuickBooks File Doctor tool is use for diagnose and resolve errors, like as  Error-6150, Error-6000-82, Error-6000-305, Error-6000-301, Error-6147, and Error-6130. This tool act as a savior case the file is severely damage and the user is unable to open it.

Type of Error’s Erase QuickBooks File Doctor :

  • QuickBooks Error: Error 6150
  • -6000-82 Error
  • -6000-305 Error
  • -6000-301 Error
  • Error -6147 
  • Error -6130 

If there is a blank or empty space showing in the customer list, vendors list, or employees list, it looks like the lists are missing from QuickBooks.

  • Users need to open  QuickBooks server or may be using multi-user mode users fail to connect with the company files.
  • It’s a network connectivity error, which is call an H-series error.
  • (Errors in H101, H202, H303, and H505).When totally damage, company files refuse to open, but the sample company file or any other file is easily accessible.
  • The tool is now ready to for use, and you can use it to resolve errors if they occur.

Benefits for Download QuickBooks File Doctor :

The benefits of the QB File Doctor Tool are as follows:

  • QB File Doctor will help you fix the Company Files’ problems including all the 6000 series errors in the QuickBooks Desktop software. 
  • Tool will help you fix different errors
  • Problems comes using the QuickBooks Desktop software 
  • If users have lost some crucial data,
  • It can help you recover that and save users lots of time and money.
  • QB helps to users to fix the network issues
  • Visit in the QuickBooks Desktop software.
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How to Use the QuickBooks Repair Tool?

QuickBooks 2016  onward come with a built-in QuickBooks Repair Tool which can be use easily to resolve file damage and corruption issues.

The points are mention :

  • Open your QB Desktop application
  • Users don’t launch the Company File.
  • Go to the ‘File’ menu.
  • Select the Utilities option.
  • Enter the Repair File and Network Problems option.
  • Users will be able to navigate to and open the company file.
  • Choose the type of repair option from the drop-down menu.
  • That appears after pressing the Show Advanced Settings drop-down menu.
  • Enter all your credentials in the box.
  • Tab and the “Next” option.
  • Open the file after completing the process. 

In this article, we described to you the various benefits of the QuickBooks File Doctor .After reading the article, you should be able to download, and use the File Doctor tool to resolve your issues.

Resolve network issues with QuickBooks File Doctor Test Results

  • Prerequisite QB Company file size is less 2GB.
  • Internet connection was necessary to upload the file.
  • Log-in as an Administrator.
  • The Network Connectivity diagnosis and repair option doesn’t accurately work
  • If you have several QuickBooks versions installed on a single computer.

The Network Connectivity diagnosis and repair option doesn’t work on computers downloaded with Database Server Manager only (QuickBooks File Hosting Component).

Live Support For Download QuickBooks File Doctor :

Hopefully, with the help of this blog post on how to Download QuickBooks File Doctor, users will get a complete idea of what QB File Doctor is and what types of errors can be fixed by this tool. It  gives step-by-step assistance for fixing the issues mentions the benefits of this tool. Here You can Learn How to Fix Common QuickBooks Pro Errors. Experts are available 24/7 hours for your assistance. Ready to give you the best solution instantly.